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My passion for therapy began when I started working at a hospice center while studying in Atlanta. One of the common themes among those I worked with was the wish to have known what they knew then at a time when they were much younger. I asked myself what the later version of myself would want me to currently know. I questioned myself: Is the person I am now aligned with the person that I want to be? Why wait until the end of one’s life to take the chances that you've always wanted to take? To change the things that you’ve always wanted to change? Or to be the person you’ve always wanted to be? This led me to finding the answers to these questions. The answer to the last question: We all already have that person inside us - most of us just don't know it yet. Once you learn to realize and utilize this, the rest will soon follow. They key is finding out where that person is within ourselves and learning how to make use of it.

Outside of my practice, I spend my time being with those that I love, and taking care of my many plants.

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8733 Beverly Blvd Suite 306

West Hollywood, CA 90048

Tel: 424-302-6777

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